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Java programs for OS X, Linux, and Windows

SuprSetr - Set management for your Flickr photos. Free download, open source.

Tagerator - Tag visualization for your Flickr photostream. Free download, open source.

Jinx - Java library for the Flickr API. Free download, open source.

Knicker - Java library for the Wordnik API. Free download, open source.

Music Monkey - A music quiz game written in Java for the TiVo HME platform. Free download, open source. Winner "Best Game" in the 2005 TiVo Developers Challenge.

Software for your iOS device

A game for iOS devices. Fly through a cave, avoiding stalactites, stalagmites, bombs, lava walls, spiders, and more. Available on the App Store.
A todo list for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Free download from the App Store.
X of 365
A utility for your iPhone/iPod Touch to help track 365 photo projects. Free download from the App Store.
Read something every day. Free for desktop and iOS devices.
A photo processing application for your iOS device. Now available in the App Store.

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A few photo books that I have made

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