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Why does readsy need access to my Dropbox?

readsy stores data in Dropbox so that you can access it from any number of computers and devices. readsy will only have access to one directory in your Dropbox. readsy cannot access any information outside of that directory.

I downloaded the Mac version, but it cannot be opened.

By default, OSX 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and higher will not run applications that are not cryptographically signed by registered Mac developers. Since readsy is a Java application, it cannot be distributed on the App Store, and so it not signed.

You can tell OSX to allow the application by going to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> General and selecting the "Anywhere" radio button.

Once this is done, you can run readsy. The first time you launch readsy, OS X will ask you if you want to open the application. Say yes, and you will not be prompted again. After installing and running readsy, you can change the security setting back to one of the other selections if you wish.