Whip your to-do list into shape with Taskmaster!

Taskmaster is a simple to-do list application for your iPhone or iPod Touch. Add as many tasks as you want. Sort by priority, name, or due date. Swipe to delete tasks that are completed.

Change the color of the calendar to make Taskmaster look the way you want.

Taskmaster will evolve based on your feedback, so be sure to use the built-in feedback feature to request the features you want to see.


Version 1.1 has just been uploaded to the app store! New features in version 1.1 include:

  1. BulletApplication badge shows number of tasks

  2. BulletOptionally show the day of week on calendars

  3. BulletEach task calendar can be a different color

  4. BulletTask list can be sorted by calendar color

  5. BulletTask view now has a delete button

  6. BulletWhen editing or adding a task, the task name field is immediately active

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