Jeremy Brooks: Software Engineer, Photographer


Set management for your Flickr photos. Free download, open source.
macOS, Linux, Windows
Automated photo uploads for Flickr. Free download, open source.
Random Photo Picker
Randomly select photos from a folder.
Utility to convert audio files to mp3 format. Free download, open source.
Tag visualization for your Flickr photostream. Free download, open source.
macOS, Linux, Windows
Read something every day.
macOS, iOS, Linux, Windows
Music Monkey
A music quiz game written in Java for the TiVo HME platform. Free download, open source. Winner "Best Game" in the 2005 TiVo Developers Challenge.
Obsolete unless you have an ancient TiVo.
That Moment
A single-use timer. What is the most important event in your life? How long has it been since that event occurred? Free download on the App Store for iOS.
This was a game for iOS devices. Fly through a cave, avoiding stalactites, stalagmites, bombs, lava walls, spiders, and more. No longer maintained.
X of 365
A utility for your iPhone/iPod Touch to help track 365 photo projects. No longer maintained.
A photo processing application for your iOS device. No longer maintained.


Jinx - Java library for the Flickr API. Free download, open source.

PressPlay - Java library that wraps some ffmpeg functionality. Free download, open source.

Knicker - Java library for the Wordnik API. Free download, open source.

Other Stuff

A few photo books that I have made

Location keywords for Lightroom

Recent photos on Flickr