macOS says that the download is damaged

SuprSetr versions 3.4.0 and higher are notarized by the App Store and you should not see this error. If you are using an older version of SuprSetr, please upgrade to 3.4.0 or higher.

This is here just for general information - you should not need to do this with 3.4.0+

This is due to changes in Gatekeeper. To disable this check temporarily:

   1) Make sure System Preferences is not running
   2) Open a Terminal window
   3) Enter the following command, typing your admin password when prompted:
      sudo spctl --master-disable
This should allow you to install SuprSetr. Once you have confirmed that SuprSetr is running, it is a good idea to enable Gatekeeper again. To do this, follow the same steps, but enter this command:

      sudo spctl --master-enable

How can I refresh my sets automatically?

Go to SuprSetr preferences and check the "Enable auto-refresh" box. Set the time that you want SuprSetr to refresh your sets. SuprSetr will check the system time and refresh your sets when the time comes. Due to the way SuprSetr checks the system time, the refresh may not begin exactly at the time you select, but it will begin within that minute.

In order for auto-refresh to work, SuprSetr must be running. If you do not want to leave SuprSetr running all the time, you can configure your operating system to launch SuprSetr a few minutes before the selected auto-refresh time. This will allow SuprSetr to do the work of refreshing your sets. If you choose to do this, you may want to enable the option "Exit SuprSetr when auto-refresh completes".

How do I upgrade from version 1?

On a Mac, just replace the existing SuprSetr application with the new one. On Windows and Linux, you can uninstall SuprSetr using the uninstaller before installing version 3. The database structure used by version 3 is not compatible with version 1, so once you install and run version 3, you cannot go back to version 1.

It is strongly recommended that you make a backup before upgrading to version 3. You can back up from the File menu within SuprSetr, or make a copy of the SuprSetr data directory. This directory is named .suprsetr (note the dot) and is located in your home directory.

How do I install the Mac version?

The Mac version contains the application in a disk image. After downloading and double clicking the file, you will see a SuprSetr icon. Drag the icon to Applications, and you're done. You can replace any older versions of SuprSetr that are already there.

Once you have copied SuprSetr to Applications, you can eject the disk image and delete it.

Windows says I have no write permissions for the directory. How can I install SuprSetr?

Cancel the installation. Then right-click on the installer and select "Run as Administrator". Windows will ask you to authenticate as a user with Administrator rights. You can then continue with the installation.

It cannot find javaw.exe.

A user reported this fix under Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit: "The solution I used was to copy javaw.exe from C:\Windows\SysWOW64 to C:\Windows\System32."

Something isn't working. How can I get help?

Send an email to, or send a message to SuprSetr on Twitter. If you are seeing an error or the program is crashing, please go to the Tools menu and select Compress Logs. This will create a zip file containing the program logs that you can attach to the email.

How can I uninstall SuprSetr?

On a Mac, drag the SuprSetr application to the trash. On Linux and Windows, run the uninstaller. If you wish to delete all the files created by SuprSetr, read the next question.

Where are the program data files?

SuprSetr places its database, authorization token(s), and log files in a directory named .suprsetr in your home directory. If you want to back up your set definitions and program state, this directory contains what you are looking for. Uninstalling SuprSetr will not delete this directory, so if you want to get rid of all of SuprSetr's files, you will need to delete this directory manually.

Warning: If you delete these data files, you will lose all of your set definitions.

What are the system requirements?

SuprSetr is written in Java, and should run on any 64-bit system that is compatible with Java 17. See the Download page for more information.

What are the license terms?

SuprSetr is licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 3. You are free to use and modify the code, but your changes must be distributed under the same license. If you want to help develop SuprSetr, head over to github.

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